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We believe the responsibility for environmental stewardship and social change has always rested on the individual; and that the mobilization of communities towards a singular goal can have transformative global impact. Founded by environmental scientists and analysts, DC Trash Cycle empowers individuals to take ownership of their immediate environment. Driven by data, enabled through partnerships, and empowered by action, we work to clean up Washington D.C.’s bike trails and natural spaces. We are bike commuters and cycling enthusiasts, and we believe that we are uniquely positioned to multiply our positive environmental impact by picking up trash along our commutes and inspiring others to do the same. Picking up trash is more than service to us. It is resistance to extremism. It is recreation in nature’s beauty. And ultimately, it is remediation of the broken social and environmental fabric of Washington D.C. and the world. Join us, and let’s reset the cycle of refuse.





Engage and mobilize the greater Washington D.C. bike commuting community in environmental stewardship by hosting monthly group bike rides/trash cleanups.


Empower individuals to take ownership of their bike trails by organizing an adopt-a-trail program.


Partner with area public and non-profit sector organizations in order to expand our reach and supply trash collection data to existing monitoring and reporting tools.  







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DC Trash Cycle was founded by frustration, betrayal, and hopelessness after the dark and depressing weekend in mid-August 2017, which has been commemorated in Americans' collective memory by one word - 'Charlottesville'.  Of course, after the events that weekend  a great number of words were used in explanation of what happened. The words from our most powerful leaders after Charlottesville were some of the most disheartening. This is the context in which DC Trash Cycle began.

DC Trash Cycle Co-Founder, Danny Giddings:

"I was sad and angry, and just out of words. So instead of sitting at home watching cable news and feeling hopeless, I just started picking up trash. There was trash all over the trail I use to bike to work, so I started there."

Bike commuters have a special relationship with the routes we bike to work. Not only is it the set for the opening and closing act of every workday; but we know every pothole, bend in the road, and clump of grass along the way. We notice even small changes in the scenery, and we look forward to the predictable change in sights, sounds, and smells as seasons come and go. We feel connected to the trails we use every day. DC Trash Cycle was created for bicycle commuters to act on that connection to become stakeholders in the maintenance of these trails. Every act of service to our communities is an act of resistance to the culture of intolerance and extremism embodied by 'Charlottesville'. Some leaders have chosen to excuse, apologize, and defend intolerance and hate. We have decided fight it. One piece of trash at a time. 



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