DC Trash Cycle

Over 2,100 gallons of trash picked up and counting...

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How we work


We encourage bike commuters to adopt a segment of the trail they use to commute to work. We help them to identify the trail, support them by connecting them to resources and other organizations working in their area, and help them track their progress by collecting data on how much trash they have collected. 


Monthly Group Clean Ups

Don't use a trail to commute? No problem! Every month we partner with a community group to organize a trash cleanup somewhere in the DMV. We bike to the site together, pick up trash, then bike somewhere to get coffee and snacks and organize our initiative. These events are a lot of fun, and provide a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while networking with other cyclists, environmentalists, and activists.  

Data Sharing

We focus on partnering with organizations already working in this space, and strive to provide these organizations with data we collect in order to feed their monitoring instruments.